Sunday, March 25, 2012

And here we go.

I'm starting a new chapter of Sea Beats. A representation of myself and my journey and the ways I want you to join me. It's a very personal road but it's also a lot of fun to think about, share about, hear your stories about, understand our separate but very much intertwined paths. So here we are starting from this new beginning. 
I left my California home just a mere couple of weeks ago. I got into a car with my partner and our three noisy cats and we set off on an adventure up the 5 North towards our new (probably) forever home, Portland Oregon. There had been lots of planning, talking things over, mapping things out, packing things up, throwing things out. Putting all my herbs and tinctures carefully into boxes. And here we are! It was the best decision I could have made, just what my soul needed.  I moved into a house with my own office to set up every thing in it's perfect place. Tower of herbs, boxes of crystals, books and books and books on shelves, my favorite green chair to meditate in, altar, desk, tools for creating, and my typewriter ready to pound out love letters and zines about living a magical life. Let's begin, shall we? 
Cosmic Shine,

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