Monday, June 27, 2011

Major Marjoram.

Marjoram is best known for it's culinary uses, but as of late I've been drinking it as a tea for my ticklish throat and cough left over from bronchitis. People don't give herbs enough credit, they really don't. Especially marjoram. Good for dry coughs, asthma, nausea, headaches, toothaches, depression, anxiety, sore muscles, and menstrual cramps, marjoram is like this amazing cure-all sitting right before our eyes on our spice racks. Make it into tea! Make an infused oil and use it as a warming aid for your aches and pains! Use it in your cooking recipes! You really can't go wrong. 

Side note: I've been drinking it with the dandelion honey I made (which turned out AWESOME) and it's super delicious. A++


I'm going to be using it in my newest warming salve and selling it on SEA BEATS within the next couple of weeks! Don't forget to check it out!

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